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                                                                                                                                 January 2014















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Dan Qualls,                 Chairman                       6000 Wilkins Ave.   Oakdale CA. 95361  



Ruth Ann Qualls,        Secretary                       6000 Wilkins Ave.   Oakdale CA. 95361



Miles Miller,               Treasurer                       2490 Fair Road,  Abilene, KS 67410






Area 1  - Vacant 



Area 2  - Phil Dame    AR, TX, LA, OK                405-447-6164       


Area 3 - David Livingston  AZ. NM.                  405-850-9318       


Area 4 - Dale Weitzel  Southern CA.               951-788-7048          


Area 5 - Colby Qualls  Northern CA.                209-847-0483           


Area 6 – Gregg Townsley   OR. WA. ID            503-348-1066           


Area 7 – Larry Schipper   NV. UT                      702-643-1876         


Area 8 – Frank Lawton   MT, WY. ND. SD        605-578-1189        


Area 9 – Jim Tinsley   NE. KS.                             620-441-8033        


Area 10 – Gary Rosen                                          952-288-7820                  GRROSEN@COMCAST.NET



Area 11 – Vacant



Area 13 – John Arnold   CO.                               719-661-0662         


Area 20 – Dennis Robinson    BC Canada         604-540-6394         


Area 21 – Richard Benedictson                          403-855-1554         

AB. NWT. SK. MB. ON Canada

Pg 2



Howdy all.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year’s.  I think 2013 was a good year for the WFDA.  We had four Chairman Contests that all went very well.

For 2014 We already have four Chairman Contests scheduled with the very good possibility of two or three more.  Already scheduled are Watkins Co. (where the Board Meeting is planned to take place) in April, Mountain View Arkansas (where I will get to see my Brother’s place for the first time since he moved to Arkansas about twenty years ago ) in June,  Canada in July and Oregon mid August.  All those hosting Chairman Contest need to remember to get the contracts taken care of, see back of rule book.  I can email you a better copy of the contract if you let me know you need one. Putting on these contests is a LOT of work.  Everyone needs to thank the people involved including the score keepers and people working behind the scenes.  Please do what you can at a contest to help out.

I look forward to seeing long time friends and new members at the contests.  You will find my email and phone no. on the first page of all Top Guns, along with the Secretary Ruth Ann Qualls   the Treasurer Miles Miller, and all the Vice Chairman.  PLEASE keep in mind that ALL of these folks are volunteers and are donating their time and efforts to promote the WFDA.  Speaking of Vice Chairmen, you do not have to be a Vice Chairman to put on a Vice Chairman contest.  The Vice Chairman is to co-ordinate & supervise the contests.

   I do not intend to conduct WFDA Business on Face Book or any other public forum.  My view is Face Book  Is fine for visiting, informing friends about general information, contests, products, tips, generally helping people out and answering questions.  We all need to keep in mind that contests not only provide us with friendly competitions but also provide us with the opportunity to promote and show off our sport to the general public.  Being friendly and exhibiting good sportsmanship are critical to our sport’s growth and I am very proud to be a part of the WFDA. 

In 2011, acting as Secretary of the WFDA I updated the rule book for the first time in about seven years.  The WFDA had just created a Thumbing Division and named it “Hollywood Division”.  Updating the rule book and posting new rules for the Hollywood Division was a much larger chore than most would realize, especially for this Oakie.  There was a lot of typing, copying, & pasting that had to be done.  There should have been a little more information in the rule book pertaining to the Hollywood Division.   This was my error and I accept full responsibility and blame for any information that did not get posted in the rule book.  See update later in this issue that you can cut out and tape into the back of your rule book if you wish.  The Hollywood Division was primarily created for the new shooters to afford to jump into  our  sport and also to provide a division in which the Thumbers could participate &  join in our contests.  Basically if you have a gun that is a six shot revolver 38/357 or 45 Colt totally stock, barrel min length 4 5/8’’ or legal in CFDA, that is what we are going by.  You can remove the front sight if you like and you can change the grips if you like.  Another benefit of the Hollywood Division is it’s attracting more competitors to our Modified Division.    

 I am not a very good thumber but I have really enjoyed the extra shooting and the additional shooting members it has brought into the WFDA.  If you have additional questions feel free to contact me.

 That being said, lets concentrate on moving ahead in 2014.  I would really like to see the Top Gun become a magazine OF THE MEMBERS.   It would be nice if the Vice Chairmen would send in their reports, even if you haven’t had any contests.  Let us hear something from you even if its only about the weather (thanks Gary).  I will try very hard to see they get into the



current issue.  Anyone wanting to include anything in the March issue must have it to me by March 10th.   I would love to see participation by many members including such things as contributing technical tips, products and shooting.  You don’t have to fill an entire page.  Perhaps we could have a “Tech Page” on which several people could post short tips, or long comments.  Not meant for advertising so name brands will only be used when necessary .  If anyone has a story to tell, funny or serious, that you would like to share please send it in.  If you know anyone that would like to advertise in our Top Gun have them call me.  We can make them a deal.

Something to think about, if each member would sign up just one new member in 2014 we would double our membership in one year.  Dues are due Feb 10th, including $15 for Life Members.  You need to pay your dues in order to stay an active member and continue

receiving the Top Gun.


                                      Dan Qualls





Pg 4


Secretary Report


Hello Everybody.


     My name is Ruth Ann Qualls and I guess that I will be your secretary for the next couple of years.


     You know my husband, Dan, and my grandson, Colby from the matches that they have attended over the years.  I know a few of you from attending some matches with them over the years and being involved in the score keeping for the matches that we have put on in California for the past several years.  I have met some truly fantastic people over the years and I’m proud to be part of such a great group of people.  I’m not a competitor, but I do enjoy being involved as far as keeping score.  It has been a challenge at times, but one that I have had fun dealing with.


     Being your secretary is going to be a new facet to my part of being involved with WFDA.  You will have to bear with me for the first year until I learn the ropes from the current secretary.  Luckily, I live with him so I can get questions answered fairly quickly.


    In case anyone is interested, we do have a few WFDA items on hand to sell.  Items are Patches, decals, lapel/hat pins, all these for $5 ea.  We also have caps for $15 plus shipping.  If you order a few for you & your friends it helps out with the shipping costs.  Selling these items creates a small amount of income for the WFDA but it does help to publicize and promote our organization.


    We also have score sheets for those needing them for contests.  Please let us know in plenty of time if you will need these as we may have to get more printed. 


Please send all WFDA business, such as membership, Vice Chairman Sanction & Shooter fees, contest score sheets, ect through me so I can keep up to date with current matters.  Membership can be paid by Pay Pal  @ as I receive a copy of the transaction.    The only exception is CHAIRMAN CONTEST business, which must deal with the Chairman , Dan Qualls.  Don’t hesitate to ask either one of us any questions if you’re not sure of something.


     I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.  I am looking forward to seeing the friends that I have met and meeting others.


Ruth Ann Qualls



Pg 5

Howdy folks. Area 5 vice chairman reporting to my family out there. Let’s start off by saying hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. We have not had anything going on here for a while so there is nothing to report. As of right now we do not have any dates set for any V.Cs  ,however we are planning on having at least three V.Cs so our area 5 shooters will qualify for a buckle.


Have a Great Day and Practice Up

Area 5 V.C.


Colby Qualls



Hello there

 This is Larry from area 7.  Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas just to report that it is cold in Las Vegas. Just returned from Fort Jackson South Carolina where I attended the graduation ceremony for Nikki graduating from the Army she is now classified as a G.I. Jane, and she's looking forward to coming back this Christmas and returning to Fort Lee of Virginia to finish up her schooling for the Army and returned to Las Vegas sometime in March, looking forward to the shooting season in 2014.  I am going to do my best to attend the shoot in Arkansas.






December Area 8 VC report


Merry Christmas - Hanukkah Blessings

And a Happy New Year from area 8

We had a great shoot in Jamestown North Dakota in July 2013.

The facility was ideal for the shooters.

We are currently working with The Frontier Village who sponsored 2013

So keep a look out for news for 2014.

Thanks to all who made 2013 a success.

Wish you all the best in 2014

Frank and Judy


Pg 6

Area 9

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and a Happy New Year. It has been very cold here in Area 9, we are looking forward to spring and the new shooting season.


I want to thank David Livingston for his service as Chairman of the WFDA theses past years. A big thank you to Dan Qualls, and his wife Ruth for stepping up as Chairman, and Secretary of the WFDA, also to Miles Miller remaining as Treasurer. I am looking forward to working with them in the years to come.


I think that 2014 is going to is going to be a very good year for Fast Draw, we are looking forward to shooting with old friends, and new friends this year. We will start off the year with a shoot in Area 9 March 1st . It will be all wax, and shot indoors in Arkansas City, Ks. If you can make it we would love to see you, and I know you will have fun here.


Margie and I, along with The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club will be hosting a World Index Championship in Mountain View, Arkansas June, 21st and 22nd. We will also have a Hollywood contest along with the regular contest on Saturday. There will be a banquet on Sat night. There will be a prize table with prizes for everyone. We will pass out trophies for the Hollywood contest, and trophies for the winners of each series shot that day in the Championship contest for men and women. We will also have trophies for best dressed man, and women, and best dressed couple. So come dressed in your best cowboy, cowgirl outfit.

                                                   SHOOT FAST AND TRUE

                                                           JIM TINSLEY



Area 10


  I wish that there was something to write about. All we have up here is snow and cold and snow and cold. I could make up a story that I was going to put on a big shoot outside in January, but I don’t think that anyone would be interested to go to Minnesota in January. Tough to shoot when the windchill is –25 degrees F. I can’t even turn on my air exhaust for the basement range as that just sucks the super cold air into the house. Looking forward to seeing officially where and when the shoots will be held so that Diana & I can start filling in our schedule. 


Gary Rosen

Pg 7


WFDA AREA 20 REPORT, December, 2013. Den Robinson

First, CONGRATS to all new (tho’ mostly former) Directors of WFDA of the incoming session! And, although I didn’t agree with him on a couple of decisions he had made, for the most part outgoing Chairman Dave Livingston did a great job for this sport in helping to keep WFDA (and Top Gun ) moving with his several years of service and the many sanctioned events that he hosted/is hosting-THANK YOU Dave! Hopefully, you will continue on, both in helping and in health in future!

Well, since the Canadian Championships I have received the following ‘anecdotes’ from some of the folks that were involved: First, from the fellow from Reuters press that sent our story “all over the world.‘

“Dennis Yes, the fast draw piece got some very good play in many corners of the world. Its always a crap shoot how some of these pieces will be received. In this case it was excellent. I had very good time shooting the competition (excuse the pun) and to have it do as well as it did was marvelous. As for using some of the images on your website, thats no problem at all. If you or your webmaster could let me know which ones you would like I can e-mail copes of the photos. As for byline if you could put my name and Reuters (ie Andy Clark/Reuters or Reuters/Andy Clark) that will be fine.


-- Andy Clark
Senior Photographer
Vancouver, Canada

Mobile 1-604-616-5524

From the Secretary of the Aldergrove Fairdays, which sponsors the contest (in part)

From:Robin Bandenieks
Sent: July 24, 2013 10:27 AM
To: Deborah Kulchiski
Subject:FW: Winners at the Fair

Hi Deborah,

Just wanted to let you know how the Aldergrove Fair helped fill Hotel rooms in the TOL. Please see the home towns listed for these Canadian Fast Draw Award winners. They brought their families too.



Pg 8

The 2013 Fair was a great success – thanks for advertising it in The Langley Weekly.


Robin Bandenieks

AFDS Secretary


Deborah Kulchiski []
Sent: July 24, 2013 11:35 AM
To: Robin Bandenieks
Cc: Christina Mynen
Subject:RE: Winners at the Fair

Hi Robin;

Thank you for the update!

It’s great to see the positive economic impact the Aldergrove Fair continues to have on our communities. It’s events such as this that set us apart from our competition, and provide us with unique opportunities to draw awareness to potential visitors and our local residents.

Keep up the great work! Deborah Kulchiski | Executive Director TOURISM LANGLEY

(Btw-I counted 8 articles on the contest in different newspapers-Den)

And, since I knew that Dan Qualls was gonna put the results of the Canadian contest in Top Gun last time -I had given him the score sheets when he was here-I will simply write up the results of our Annual Celebrity Shootout which was held at High Noon Saturday during the Canadian Index shoot:

Ladies Top Five Trophy WInners

:1st. O/A-Stefania Seccia, Reporter, Burnaby Now newspaper

2nd O/A-Robin Reichman, Actress, ‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ t.v. show.

3rd 0/A-Annette McArthur, Community Co-Ordinator.

4th O/A-Bev Dornan, Councillor, Langley Township.

5th O/A-Mary Polak, Ministry Of Environment

Men’s Top Five Trophy Winners

:1st.0/A-Rudy Storteboom, Representing MacRealty

2nd O/A-Mark Warawa, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party

Pg 9


3rd O/A-Bruce Heslop, President, Aldergrove Business Association

4th O/A-Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier of B.C.

5th O/A-Jim Parusini, Representing Aldergrove Fairdays.

To the 18 Celebrities that supported us this year, we definitely owe them a SIXGUN SALUTE! A LOT of folks come out to see them ‘shoot it out’ and many of those add to the crowd that drops by to watch the Canadian Championships taking place. Two of the area Mayors took part again, which adds even more to the excitement around Fast Draw! So does the Farmer’s Challenge shoot held at the end of the Main event-which was won this year by a fellow named ‘Cody, who shot a .668

And the Campbell kids, who always wow the folks with their Billy The Kid contest at the Canadian. This year Morgan won his last BTK event and will be shooting with the adults next year. Congrats! to Morgan and to brother Marshal, who placed Second in the event!

Finally, a SIXGUN SALUTE to this year’s holster donor, Jim Lockwood of LEGENDS IN LEATHER,

www.legendsinleather.comwho gave our contestants a chance to win the magnificently-crafted John Wayne ‘Hondo’ holster, which was drawn by none other than

Joe Colwell! THANK YOU!

Next year this contest will become a WORLD FAST DRAW EVENT, having the sanction from both the World Fast Draw Association and the Aldergrove Fairdays!

For more info on these groups please visit,, and:

www.dancolby/wfdainfo. For more info on the history of the contest, please visit;

Okay, this was a ‘windy’ but, for now, I’m outta here-Den R.



Pg 10





Area 2, 2013 top GUN points


                                 3/30   9/14    10/19   total

1.      Jim Tinsley            3      7        6        16

2.      Mike Landis          1      6        4        11

3.      Herbert Gootee   2      4        5        11

4.      Rich Parmentier   4      1        0         5

5.      Mike Pantano       5      0        0         5

6.      Wayne Scheffel    0      5        2         7

7.      Ron Farris              0      3        1         4

8.      Ken Birdwell          0      2        3         5


1.      Margie Tinsley       2        2      1         5

2.      Melissa McIntrye  0        3      0         3

3.      Sarah Pantano       1        0      0         1

4.      Haylee Hearth       0         1     0         1


Pg 11







March 17 th

July 6 th

July 7 th


Jon Rivera





Dan Qualls





Eric Vierra





Jon Wilson





Armand Perry





Eddie Vierra





Will York




Scott Bateman





Jonathan Rivera





Jess Medrano




Paul McCuistion





Chris Medrano






Tina Qualls





Emily Kelly





Ally Boles





Juliana Bateman






Jon Wilson




Scott Bateman





Eric Vierra




Will York




Mark Cooper




Dan Qualls



Allyson Boles




Juliana Bateman





Tina Qualls





Eddie Vierra





Pg 12





 Area 9 TG points 2013



                              3/2   5/4 6/22 10/13 total

1. Mike Pantano            10   7    5    8   30

2. Herbert Gootee           9    5    4    7   25

3. Jim Tinsley                   8    6    2    4   20

4. Ronnie Bright              7    0    0    0   7

5. Bob Arganbright         6    0    0   0    6

6. Wayne Scheffel           5    0    0    2   7

7. Mike Landis                 4    3    0    5   12

8. Joel Bowerman           3    0    0    0    3

9. Miles Miller                 2    4    0    0    6

10. Richard Parmentier 1    8     3   6    18

11. Kyle Miller                 0    2    0   0     2

12. Mark Chase               0    1    1   0     2

13. Ken Birdwell             0    0    0    1     1

14. Ron Farris                  0    0     0   3     3



1. Margie Tinsley             2   4    2     2   10

2. Sarah Pantano             1   3    3     0    7

3.Melissa McInter            0   2    0     1    3

4.Linda Chase                   0   1     1    0    2

Pg 13




Area 13


2013  0ver all points for Vice Chairman sanction shoots





Men                                              Women                                                                               Men

Brian Colwell                   23        Sherry  Peck   4                                        Dean Cummings     18

Dean Cummings             20         Megan Arnold  1                                     Jack Rudd                 16

Ethan Rudd                     18                                                                            John  Arnold             15

John Arnold                    14                                                                            Dee  Coney               15

Jack Rudd                        12                                                                            Ethan Rudd              13

Joe Colwell                        9                                                                            Jason Baker             13

Jason Baker                      7                                                                             George  Rude          7

Dee Coney                        6                                                                             Brian Colwell           2

George Rude                    5                                                                             John   Juzwick          1

                                                                                                                          Reed Goede             1


Pg 14






"Let’s get to shooting"

Place: Northwest Community Center 615 W Birch

Arkansas City, Ks. 67005

Date: March 1st 2014

Time: sign up 9:00am to 9:55 start 10:00am

WFDA and KFDA sanctioned

Hosted by The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club

Style: Open Index

Entry Fees: $30.00n + $5.00 WFDA shooter fee

Men and Women

Events: s/w@8' s/w@10' s/w@12' w/w 15' to 12' d/w@8' 5 sets

All shot on the Blocker target.

All entry fees will be returned as prize money after expenses

Prize structure: Standard percentage, plus 10 awards for men and

 5 for women.

For more info contact Jim Tinsley at 620-441-8033


                                                                                                                  Pg 15





2014 Chairman Sanctioned Contests


April 26 & 27  -  Area 13  Watkins Co.     John Arnold


May 25 $ 26 ????  Area 13 Co.  John Arnold, Brian Colwell


June 21 & 22   -  Mountain View Arkansas 

Fri 20th Celebrity shoot      James Tinsley


July 19 & 20  Area 20 -  Aldergrove Canada  Denny & Karen Robinson


August 15-16 & 17 ???  Area 6  Oregon   Gregg Townsley & Scott Bateman






2014 Vice Chairman Sanctioned Contests


                      March 1st 2014 Arkansas City, Ks. 67005 James Tinsley


                                                                                                                                               Pg 16

Tech Tips Page





This month gun maintenance -  The light oils you get from the major guns stores and free giveaways with the needle oilers are very poor for gun lubrication - better than nothing but not great , and most people are led into believing the "lighter the oil - the faster the gun will cycle " ! . Here is something to think about , the lighter the oil ....the easier it will "run off" the major friction parts that are under spring pressure and pivot points in the gun !  There are small clearances with all moving parts in a gun , and when a gun gets laid in a case or box after shooting the oil will ooze out of those small spaces .....and typically people will wipe off the gun a few times till it stops ......meaning now the oil is in a rag and not in your gun !  I used 30 weight car motor oil for many years in all my guns and ones I repair - why you ask ?  The major oil companies spend millions of dollars formulating their product to "stick" to cyclinder walls of a cars engine so it has a longer life , and what does a car have in common with  a gun you ask ?  Fire and Heat .....your car wont run on thin oil in that heat or it breaks down . The thicker motor oil creates a "bath" surrounding the parts thus protecting them . I have literally shot 5,000 rounds without cleaning my gun or taking it apart ......brushing the bore yes - but not cleaning it by taking the cylinder out . So use a good clean 30 wt. and go shoot your gun ! 



From Peter Garibaldi:


 I sell fast draw holsters and supply's.   I have shot all the wax bullets out there that are approved to use, they all shoot pretty much the same, the difference is the blue bullet is the most heat resistant of all the bullets that I have tried.

      Another thing to keep in mind is the muzzle end of your holster.    To keep from putting a hole in your leg, make sure you have a good deflector plate on the bottom of your holster.     If you don't use a deflector plate, make sure the angle of the holster will miss your leg if it should go off in your holster.

        Parting thought, treat every gun you handle as though it's loaded..........




Everyone is encouraged to submit any helpful tips for your fellow competitors.

They PROMISE not to use them against you.

                                                                                                                       Pg 17

                                                                                                                                Pg 18










                                                                                                                                                                      Pg 19





                                                                                                                      Pg 20










                                                                                                                                             Pg 21








You may want to cut this page out and glue

it into the back of your rule book.




Rule changes at 2013 Board Meeting

Vice Chairman Contests: The Board voted to partially change the method for giving Vice Chairman Contest buckles as follows: Each Area which has ten or more members and holds three or more Vice Chairman Contests in their area during the year will give one buckle for the Women (regardless of the no. of Women competitors) and one buckle for the Men (regardless of the no. of Men competitors).

All other existing rules were not changed and still apply.

Have a WFDA Officer, line judge, and hand judge observe the competitor’s following attempts to back up a new record. If in any of the three observers opinion, the competitor jumps the light, that shot will not count.

Correction to rule book for Hollywood Division

Gun must be a six shot revolver 38/357 or 45 Colt totally stock or legal in CFDA. Barrel min length 4 5/8’’

You can remove the front sight if you like and you can change the grips if you like.





In my opinion, two of the prettiest draws there is in the sport.

  Gary Rosen thumbing and Frank Lawton fanning.



Beautiful scenery



                  Father -   Jon Rivera  2013 Overall Champion

                  Son -   Jonathan Rivera  2013 Red River Double A Champion



Anita Miller getting plaque from Dave Livingston

March Top Gun

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