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April 3rd

The  Smokin Guns Fast Draw Club  of Area 5 is hosting a WFDA Vice Chairman

Contest Sunday April 3rd, 2011 at the Qualls ranch 6000 Wilkins Ave, Oakdale, CA.  

This will be a warm up for the Mother Lode World Championship being held in Jamestown CA.

April 23rd & 24th.


Contest will be:  Open Traditional,  All Wax on Standard Rectangle, 5 shots each event.

5', 8', 10' 12', 15'

Also :  WFDA Hollywood Division will shoot the same events.


Sign ups @ 9AM, shoot 10AM  Entry $25 including $5 WFDA Shooter's Fee, pay out

standard percentage after expenses.




For more info contact Dan or Colby Qualls quallsd@earthlink.net  or  209-847-0483




                   MAY 28TH   



Front Street Shootout

Place: Downtown Dodge City, Ks.

Date: May 28th 2011

Time: Sign up 9.00am to 9.55am Contest starts at 10.00am

Sanctioned by: WFDA and KFDA

Hosted by: The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club

Sponsors: Boot Hill Gunfighters

Style: Open Traditional Index

Entry Fees: $45.00 + $5.00 WFDA shooters fee men and women

Events: s/b@8’ s/b@10’ s/b/b 5’to 15’ s/u/b 15’to5’ d/b @ 8’  3sets  4” balloons will be used in all events.

Prize structure: Standard percentage plus $1,000.00 will be added to the prize money after expenses. There will be 8 trophies for men and 5 for women.

The host motel is: Wyatt Earp Inn and is located 2 miles east of Front Street on Wyatt Earp Ave. The phone # is 620-225-1397 just tell them you are in the Fast Draw contest to get the discount.

For more info contact Jim Tinsley at 620-442-3153



Front Street Shootout Schedule of events


8am to 10 am Flipping Flapjacks in Occident Saloon

  (All you can eat sausage and pancakes Adults $6.00, Children 12 and under $5.00)

10am to 11.45am World Fast Draw Competition


12pm Boot Hill Museum Gunfight on Front Street


12.45 or 1.00pm World Fast Draw resumes


6pm Country-style Dinner and show with Miss Kitty and her can can dancers, and singing by the bartenders. This is a 1 hour show. They need to know how many to cook for so call ahead to let them know. Tell them that you are in the Fast Draw competition and receive a nice discount for you and your family.



1pm to 4pm we will have a Town Folk Alley. We will give interested people some instruction on fanning and let them shoot wax on the Blocker target, in hopes of getting new shooters, and maybe a new club started in Dodge City. Any one who wants to stay and help out that would be great.

All shooters and there family’s will receive free admission to Boot Hill Museum. To call about the Country-Style Dinner and show please call 620-227-8188







June 4th & 5th  Penn Valley

World Fast Draw Association

California Standing Balloon State Championship


Each day is a separate Vice Chairman Contest to be scored each day with awards for that day.  Scores for BOTH days will be combined to award the WFDA California State Champion.  Both Vice Chairman Contests will count towards the year end buckle points in Area 5 for 2011. 


Events are all five shots per set (except doubles) with 4'' balloons.



Start APPROX. 11:00 AM

Two sets 8'

Two sets 10'

One set   8'                           Total shots Sat is 25



Start APPROX.  10:00 Am

One set  8'

One set  10'

One set  8'

Four sets double (8shots)     Total shots Sun is 23 


We will have Hollywood Division (basically, Cowboy) shooters  both days .  Modified &  Hollywood  competitors will be on the line at the same time.   Competitors have to be a WFDA member to shoot this.  Scores will be kept separate for the Modified & Hollywood Divisions.  Hollywood competitors may shoot a 38 cal revolver.  Holsters legal in any of the Fast Draw organizations will be allowed, except no twisting rigs.  Hollywood Division shooters can fan the second shot on Doubles if they so choose. Competitors can shoot in both divisions if they wish. 


Entry fee each day for each Division is $25 + $5 WFDA fee  for a total of $30 each day for each Division that you shoot in .

Vice Chairman contests pay out will be Standard Percentages, after expenses.

Anyone wanting to be a sponsor with cash, items, or services would be appreciated.


This is a big Western Weekend with a lot of things going on.  Some of which are:  Fast Draw, Mounted Shooting, Championship B B Q competition.  We expect a few thousand spectators so this venue will give us a great opportunity to promote our sport.


For further info call Colby or Dan 209-847-0483   or email  quallsd@earthlink.net 





Penn Valley Hotel Information



This Contest is being held in Penn Valley, near Grass Valley, just above Sacramento.


 The closest hotels are in Grass Valley, about ten minutes away.


Gold Miners Inn ( Very Nice, a little pricey about $150-$175


Holiday Inn Exspress

121 Bank St

Grass Valley, Ca / (530) 477-1700


Best Western (Nice) about $90 to $114

972 Sutton Wy

Grass Valley, ca / (530) 273-1393



This is a tourist town and graduation weekend so book early if you can.


I am told there is plenty of space for RV parking at the contest site, but no hook ups available.



Results for June 4th & 5th VC 2011 Penn Valley CA


Saturday  June 4th                Sunday June 5th


Modified                                 Modified                   Overall State Champions   


1 Don Mowery                   1 Jon Wilson               Men – Jon Wilson

2 Dan Qualls                       2 Don Mowery           Women – Vivian Wahlen

3 Jon Wilson                       3 Dan Qualls    

4 Wendell Wahlen            4 Colby Qualls  

5 Bob Grilli                          5 Wendell Wahlen

6 Colby Qualls                    6 Eddie Vierra

7 Jack Fritz                         7 Anton Paley

8 Eric Vierra                       8 Eric Vierra

9 Anton Paley                    9 Bob Grilli

10 Eddie Vierra


Hollywood                        Hollywood

1 Jon Wilson                     1 Jon Wilson

2 Eric Vierra                      2 Dan Qualls    

3 Dan Qualls                     3 Bob Grilli

4 Allyson Boles                4 Allyson Boles        

5 Bob Grilli                       5 Eric Vierra

6 Jack Fritz                       6 Eddie Vierra         

7 Eddie Vierra


Women                              Women

1 Vivian Wahlen           1 Vivian Wahlen

2 Denise Paley              2 Denise Paley             

3 Allyson Boles             3 Allyson Boles






Let’s get started shootout

Place: Northwest Community Center 615 West Birch, Arkansas City, Ks. 67005
Date: March, 5th 2011
Time: 9:00am to 9:55 contest starts at 10:00 am
WFDA and KFDA Sanctioned
Hosted by the Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club.
Style: Traditional Open Index
Entry Fees: $30.00 + $5.00 WFDA shooter fee
Men and Women
Events: s/w@8’ s/w@10’ w/w 21’ to 15’ stationary target
d/w 3 sets at 8’ theses 4 events will be shot on the Blocker target. s/w@12’ 9” balloons

All entry fees will be returned as prize money after expenses
Prize structure: Standard percentage, plus 8 awards for men and 3 awards for women.
This is a indoor shoot
For more info contact Jim Tinsley at 1-620-442-3153


WFDA Area 9 Vice Chairman
KFDA State Marshall
Missouri Raiders President
Co founder Big Iron Shooting Club
NRA member
NAHC Life Member

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