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                                                                                                                                                             March 2014









Dean (Nitro) Cummins, Watkins Co

WORLD FAST DRAW ASSOCIATION OFFICERS                         Pg 1  




Dan Qualls,                 Chairman                       6000 Wilkins Ave.   Oakdale CA. 95361  



Ruth Ann Qualls,       Secretary                       6000 Wilkins Ave.   Oakdale CA. 95361



Miles Miller,               Treasurer                       2490 Fair Road, Abilene, KS 67410





Area 1 - Vacant 



Area 2 - Mike Landis  AR, TX, LA, OK              580-362-2450        


Area 3 - David Livingston  AZ. NM.                  405-850-9318       


Area 4 - Dale Weitzel  Southern CA.               951-788-7048       


Area 5 - Colby Qualls  Northern CA.                209-847-0483           


Area 6 – Gregg Townsley   OR. WA. ID            503-348-1066           


Area 7 – Larry Schipper   NV. UT                      702-643-1876         


Area 8 – Frank Lawton   MT, WY. ND. SD        605-578-1189        


Area 9 – Jim Tinsley   NE. KS.                             620-441-8033        


Area 10 – Gary Rosen                                          952-288-7820         



Area 11 – Vacant     OH. WV. VA. MD. NJ. NY. PA. VT. CT. MA. NH. ME.


Area 13 – John Arnold   CO.                               719-661-0662        


Area 20 – Dennis Robinson    BC Canada         604-540-6394        


Area 21 – Richard Benedictson                          403-855-1554       

AB. NWT. SK. MB. ON Canada


Area 22 – Hidenori Colt Yamada                                                 




                                                                                                                                                           Pg 2



Howdy All.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Weather is changing and the weeks are flying by.  We

will be doing some serious shooting very soon.  Par for the course, Tinsley put on the first Vice

Chairman Contest of the year.  


I plan on putting out the Top Gun every other month so if you want to include anything in the issue please have the information to me by the first of that month.  Everyone is welcome to submit articles or information, this is your magazine. 


As you will see later in this issue, we have six Chairman Contests set for 2014.  That’s a lot of traveling & shooting folks.  Also a heck of a lot of fun.  Please be sure to verify a competitors membership at the sign up table.  If they are current members they should have their card with them.  This includes Life Members.


Any member that has not received an email or two from me, I would like to have your email address.  On occasion I will email out updates or other information to all the members for whom I have their emails.


           Watkins CO. Shoot.  April 26 & 27.


Friday April  25th 6 PM Board Meeting at the shoot site, Dean Cummins place

730 S Imboden Rd..


The Cummins crew plans on providing breakfast & lunch both Sat & Sun at a very reasonable fee.  Also Dinner Sat night when we will pass out the buckles for 2013.


The dinner will have such things as roast turkey, brisket, rolls, salad, potatoes & gravy, corn, Chocolate Cherry cake and drinks.  All for $25 a plate.  Folks, this is good down home cooking.


 Snacks and drinks will be available for everyone during the contest, also very reasonable prices.



Hope to see all of you this year.


WFDA Chairman

Dan Qualls

















                                                                                                                                                                  Pg 3


Secretary Report


Hello Everybody.


           All hosts for Chairman contests, please include a separate piece of paper listing any records that were broken at your contests.  This will help immensely in keeping up with the records.  It is very easy to overlook a broken record that is only circled on a score sheet.


           We have had a good start to the sign-ups for 2014 – 2015.  Thank you everybody so much for getting your dues in. Things seem to be shaping up for a very eventful year.  Should be interesting for all who attend.  Good luck to all of you shooters as the year progresses.


          During this last year, we have lost several shooters who have been involved in the Fast Draw community.  Please let us know if you hear of someone we lose, so that maybe we can honor them in the Top Gun during the year.



WFDA Secretary


Ruth Ann Qualls





























                                                                                                                                                                        Pg 4             


Area 5    Howdy folks

            Area 5 vice chairman doing my monthly report.  I don’t have anything new to report except for the fact that California is finally getting a good amount of rain. We still haven’t had any matches going on around here yet. Once we get a date set for our first match I will make sure to let everyone know. I am still planning on hosting at least three V.C.s so our area will qualify for a buckle. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to make it so some shoots this year to see all of you and meet our new members.   Well that’s all folks


 Area 5 Vice Chairman

Colby Qualls




Here’s our first report for Area 6. I’m Gregg Townsley and I’m the current vice-chairman for Area 6, which includes Oregon, Washington and Idaho. To date, we’ve accomplished the following:

 Our first WFDA sanctioned shoot — an 3X wax elimination contest — was in 2011 in Forest Grove Oregon, where Oregon Fast Draw LLC’s first club, the Orygun Gunfighters, wanted to try something new and different.

 A world record setting townsfolk alley was held at the 2012 Sportsmen’s Show at Portland’s Expo Center. Over 800 people tried the sport, which was sanctioned by the WFDA and enjoyed the support of a great many NRA and SASS shooters to coach the shooting lanes.

 In 2012, Oregon Fast Draw also began a new fast draw club, restoring an old name, the Portland Fast Draw Club, long dormant . The club now meets twice monthly in nearby St. Helens, Oregon for practice and competitions. Twenty-some members strong, most of our shooters are “thumbers.” A few of us are beginning to fan and twist draw. The Portland Fast Draw Club shoots elimination and index at its monthly matches and often enjoys “Showdown” multi-target style shooting as well.

 In 2013, three of our members entered WFDA competitions and did none too shabby I might point out. One of us came home with a trophy — Juliana Bateman.

 Oregon Fast Draw, LLC’s third fast draw school was held in 2013, with Jon “Trickshot” Wilson in attendance. Jon, you’ve been great! Our members are still talking about it. We’ve been starting fast draw clubs and holding fast draw schools in Oregon since 2008.

 Our first chairman’s contest will be held in August 23-24, 2014 in Dayton, Oregon. Five-thousand dollars ($5,000) in cash and prizes will be offered and drawings will be held for an engraved firearm, a custom-made holster and other prizes. We’re real excited about this event! See the flyer else-where in this newsletter for more information.

 One more item. We’re bringing Alex Bateman, the videographer, to Watkins this year. He’d like to do a few interviews. If you’re interested in being one of them, give Scott Bateman a call at (971- 275-3835.

We’re off and running. It’s taken us a while. But we’re proud of our efforts and members who are helping to make WFDA fast draw one of the fastest and funnest (is that a word?) sports there is!



(503) 348-1066





                                                                                                                                                                       Pg 5


Area 9 Report

Howdy every one, I hope you are all doing ok and staying warm. We here in Area 9 kicked off the 2014 shooting season 3-1-14 with a indoor shoot in Arkansas City, Ks. The day started out at 40 degrees and when the contest was over it was 24 degrees. Some of the shooters that were coming didn’t because of ice up in the northern part of the state. We later got 2/10s of an inch of ice. I am writing this on the 2nd of March and we have 3 to 6” of snow on the way today.


The contest went very well, and we all had a very good time. It was great to see some of the people we haven’t seen in months and catch up on what has been going on in their lives. Our good friends Gary and Carol Adrian came down on Thursday and stayed with us until after the contest was over. It is always great to spend time with them.


I have a new shooter, his name is Michael Segree. Mike lives here in Arkansas City, and is a super nice guy. I hope you all get to meet him soon. He has been over and practiced 5 times before the contest. He was pretty nervous at the contest but did well.


Our next contest will be in Area 2 at Mike Landis house April 19th in Newkirk, Ok. It is a warm up for the Watkins, Co. shoot. If any of you can make it you will have fun. We always have a cook out. Mike and I furnish the meat and every one brings a covered dish and what they want to drink.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in Watkins, Co in April. Be safe and have fun.


                                         SHOOT FAST AND TRUE

                                                       JIM TINSLEY



                                                                                                                                                                       Pg 6


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club’s year-long shootout-aka ‘Gun Of The Month’ competitions! The winners of the 2013 awards were:

Top Gun Billy The Kid Trophy: Marshall Campbell

All-Around 2012-2013 Billy The Kid Trophy: Morgan Campbell

Top Gun Woman’s ‘B’ Division: Paula Murphy

Top Gun Men’s ‘B’ Division: Marshall Campbell-yep, bested all the adults!

Second O/A ‘B’ Division: Garry Porteous

Third Place ‘B’ Division: Morgan Campbell

Top Gun Women’s Division: Karen Robinson

Second Overall Women’s Division: Paula Murphy

Third Place Overall Women’s Division: Faye Potter

Top Gun Men’s ‘A’ Division: Den Robinson

Second Overall ‘A’ Division: Jim Weatherby

Third Place Overall ‘A’: Division: Doug Abbott.

Fastest Time of Year Blanks: Glenn Renney

Fastest Time Of Year Double Wax at 10ft.: Den Robinson

Fastest Time Of Year Wax @ 15‘: Glenn Renney

Most Improved Trophy: Paula and Shawn Murphy (shared)

The Top Guns were also treated to Government of B.C. Certificate Of Awards by MLA (Member Of Legislative Assembly ) Mary Polak at the Annual Banquet of the Langley Rod and Gun Club which was held at the Newlands Golf Course dining room for 134 guests, (sold out two weeks in advance!) including several local Celebrities. Some of the Celebrities, including MP (Member of Parliament) Mark Warawa, (who bought his own holster at the last contest!) Township Mayor Jack Froese, and Mary, also mentioned their adventures with Fast Draw during their speeches to the audience….





                                                                                                                                               Pg 7       

(The old Canadian contest in Aldergrove) is available inside this issue of Top Gun! For those of you that may be wishing to attend, please contact myself, Den Robinson at 604-540-6394, or email

for a SIGNED brochure!

##John Bianchi’s FRONTIER GUNLEATHER has just donated FIVE $100 Gift Certificates to our

World Open Index Fast Draw Championship towards purchase of one of his fine (and legendary!) rigs!

To witness quality in action please visit: or link to them at:

## Also, we have just received a large package of gifts for the contest from


Canada’s National Firearms Association at



Next up for Thunderbirds is the Annual Historical Arms Collector’s Society Fast Draw demos and show booth that has become an annual event for the club This will take place on March 8/9, 2014 (and will likely have been done by the time you read this…) but last year’s event drew a crowd of more than 4,000! And we drew our guns…


Looking forward to seein’ y’all at Watkins!

Den Robinson, WFDA

Vice Chairman, Area 20 (B.C)









                                                                                                                                                  Pg 8 

Rule Change Proposal


Submitted by Dan Qualls


Page 31.

Rename “Hollywood Division”  to “Thumbing Division”.


Reason.  I think these days Hollywood conjures up thoughts of very liberal images and is not a descriptive term at all regarding Fast Draw.  When you tell someone you shoot “Hollywood Division” their eyes look like a deer caught in the head lights and you usually get a reply similar to “what in the world is that”?  If you tell someone you shoot “Thumbing Division” they immediately have some idea of what you are talking about.  I know that a FEW people may still have some WFDA thumbing guns but the WFDA has not had a “Thumbing Contest” for ten years that I am aware of.  If someone wanted to have a thumbing contest with their WFDA Thumbing guns it could be a “Modified Thumbing Contest”.






                                                                                                                                                 Pg 9







  AREA 9   3-1-14 “Let’s Get To Shooting”





1st Bob Arganbright                                                   

2nd Gary Adrian

3rd Ken Birdwell

4th Jim Tinsley

5th Herbert Gootee

6th Mike Landis

7th Mike Segree

8th Ron Farris

9th Richard Parmentier



1st Margie Tinsley

2nd Carol Adrian






                                                                                                                                                                   Pg 10


   2014 Chairman Sanctioned Contests


April 26 & 27  -  Area 13  Watkins Co.    

John Arnold, Brian Colwell,  Dean Cummins


May 24 & 25   Area 13 Co.  Fort Collins CO. John Arnold, Brian Colwell 


June 21 & 22   -  Mountain View Arkansas 

Fri 20th Celebrity shoot      James Tinsley


July 19 & 20  Area 20 -  Aldergrove Canada  Denny & Karen Robinson


August 9 & 10  North Dakota  Frank & Judy Lawton.


August 23, & 24  Area 6  Oregon   Gregg Townsley & Scott Bateman




2014 Vice Chairman Sanctioned Contests


                                                             Area 2

                       April 19 Newkirk Fun Shoot                      

                           For more info contact Mike Landis at 580-362-2450


May 31st  2014  World Championship Warm Up  

 For more info please call Herbert at 620-660-2107


AREA 5  

 June 8th 2014  Contest will be all wax, 5 shots each at 5’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 15’.

Location-  The Central Valley Posse Range in Los Banos

Sign up 9AM, shoot 10 AM

Entry $25 plus $5 WFDA shooter fee.  Total $30

Payout is awards &standard percentages after expenses.


Must be a WFDA member to shoot the contest.

For more info Dan, Ruth Ann, Colby Qualls 209-847-0483.








                                                                                                                                                 Pg 11



2014 US Open Wild West Shootout


Open Index- April 26th 27th

Sponsors: Thumbusters Fast Draw Club Loveland, CO. Brian Colwell, John Arnold, Dean Cummings (Nitrokid)

Location: 730 South Imboden Road, Watkins, CO. 80137

Entry Fee: Men $135.00 / Women $135.00 NOTE: If shooting in both contests

( US Open and Hollywood) WFDA Fee will not be required in Hollywood Division.

Sign Up: Saturday 8:00AM Contest Starts: 9:00AM Sumday: 8:30-9:30AM Cowboy Church

Style: “OPEN Index” ( Shot Elimination Style) Events: All Wax shots on Blocker Targets.

Saturday: 5 shots S/B @ 8’ 5 shots S/B @ 10’ 3 sets D/B/4’ @ 8’

Sunday: 5 shots S/W @ 5’ 5 shots S/W @ 8’ 5 shots S/B/W 5 shots S/W @ 15’

Men Prize Structure Women

1st $500 + Award 1st $400 + Award

2nd $250 + Award 2nd $200 + Award

3rd $200 + Award 3rd $175 + Award

4th $175 + Award 4th $150 + award

5th $150 + Award 5th 135 + Award

6th $135 + Award through 10th Place Men / $135 + Award through 7th Place Women

Note: There will be also a $25 event money per event + $100 for the fastest shot of the contest (Men and Women)

After the first day of the competition there will be a jackpot Shoot S/B 8’ Open Elimination 3 out of 5 shots.2X of 3X

There will be clean bathrooms and a place to wash your hands.

Tents/RV’s Campsites 40 Acres/ self contained only/ NO power/electricity/dumpsite. Dumpsite at Tomahawk Truck

Stop on I-70. Hotels within 15 miles of Watkins, Clarion Inn (303-340-3800)Comfort Inn (303-367-5000) Microtel Inn (303-371-8300) For more INFO Brian (970-218-1774)/John (719-661-0662) Dean (303-358-0112)














                                                                                                                                                                                 Pg 12


 2014 Wild West Shootout – Hollywood Division


April 26th & 27th

Sanctioned by WFDA

Sponsors and Host: Thumbusters FDC, John Arnold, Dean Cummings

Location: 730 South Imboden Road Watkins, CO. 80137

Entry Fee: $35.00 Men/ $35.00 Women

Sign Up: 8:00 AM Contest 9:00 AM

Sunday Cowboy Church 8:30 AM- 9:30 AM Competition starts at 10:00 AM

Style: Thumbing Only except you can fan second shot and doubles. All guns to be

Stock 45LC Caliber-38/357 SA with action job. Holsters can be any WFDA,SASS or

CFDA, Lawman ready position OK but the other hand cannot be touching the gun.

Events: All wax events shot on blockers targets.

Prize Structure Standard Percentage

There will be $300 added to prize money $200 for Men and $100 for Women

Men Women

1st 30% + Award 1st 50% + Award

2nd 25% + Award 2nd 30% + Award

3rd 20% + Award 3rd 20% + Award

4th 15% + Award

5th 10% + Award

NOTE: 100% payback after expenses.

All accommodations; See Page 1 of WFDA Shoot   






















                                                                                                                                            Pg 13  


World Index Championship

Mountain View, Arkansas


Chairman sanctioned by, The World Fast Draw Association

Place: Mountain View, Arkansas at the Fair Grounds

Date: June, 21st and 22nd, 2014

Sponsors: Mountain View, Chamber of Commerce

Host: The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club

Style: Traditional, shot elimination style

Sign up: Sat, 8:00am to 8:55am Start at 9:00am

Events Saturday: S/B@8’, S/B@10,’ S/B/B, D/B@8’ 3 sets

Events Sunday: S/W@8’, S/W@10’ S/W@12’, D/W@8’ 3 sets

Entry fees: Men $100.00 Women $90.00 + $10.00 WFDA shooter fee

All wax will be shot on the Blocker target

Host reserves the right to subtract or add an event

If shooting in both events shooters fee will be waved for Hollywood

Men’s Division                                Women’s Division

1st $700.00 +trophy                                   1st $600.00 + trophy

2nd $500.00 + trophy                                 2nd $400.00 + trophy

3rd $400.00 + trophy                                  3rd $250.00 + trophy

4th $300.00 + Trophy                                 4th $200.00 + trophy

5th $250.00 + trophy                                  5th $175.00 + trophy

6th $200.00 + trophy                                  6th $125.00 + trophy

7th $175.00 + trophy                                  7th $90.00 + trophy

8th $150 + trophy

 9TH -15th $100.00 + trophy

There will be a trophy awarded in each event for fastest series man and woman

There will be a trophy awarded to the fastest shot of the contest man, and woman.

We will have a banquet Sat night, the trophies and prize money will be handed out then for the Hollywood contest. We will also award the trophies for the fastest series for the events that day in the World Index contest, for both men and women. There will be a prize table with prizes for everyone. We will have a trophy for best dressed man and woman, and best dressed couple, so wear your best 1800s attire.


Ozark Folk Center State Park PINE Wood Cabins

1032 Park Av 103 W Washington

Mountain View Mountain View

870-269-3871 870-269-5900

Fiddlers Inn (Best Western) Red Bud Inn

Hwy 5/9 & 14 428 Sylamore

Mountain View Mountain View

870-269-2828 870-269-4375

This is going to be a very nice contest to attend. There will be something for everyone. Mountain View is a beautiful place with lots to see and do. You can go to Mountain View Arkansas on your PC and check it out. Looking forward to shooting with all of you there.

The county that Mountain View sits in is a DRY county. If you want to drink any thing stronger than Pepsi after the contest you will need to bring it with you.

For more info call Jim Tinsley @ 620-441-8033







                                                                                                                                                          Pg 15


Hollywood (thumbing only) Division


WFDA sanctioned Hollywood Chairman CONTEST


Hosted by The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club

June, 21st in Mountain View, Arkansas

Style; Hollywood Index, shot elimination style

Entry Fee: $30.00 + $10.00 WFDA shooters fee

If you are signed up in the World Index contest the $10.00 shooters fee is waved

Start: Sign up 8:00am to 8:55am start 9:00

Pay out: Standard % + award

Men                                              Women

1st 30% + award                                            1st 50% + award

2nd 25% +award                                              2nd 30% + award

3rd 20% + award                                              3rd 20% + award

4th 15% + award

5th 10% +award


The Hollywood contest will be held on Saturday, 6/21 only and will be shot with the World Index Championship contest. We will start with a full round of The World Index Championship. When the first round is finished we will have a round of Hollywood, and then back to The World Index Championship.

The cash and awards will be awarded at the banquet Sat night..



















                                                                                                                                                                Pg 16


Newkirk Fun Shoot #1


Date: April 19th 2014

Place: Mike Landis house east of Newkirk, Ok.

WFDA and KFDA sanctioned

Hosted by: Mike Landis

Style: Open Index

Entry Fees: $25.00 + $5.00 WFDA shooter fee

Time: Sign up 9:00am to 9:55 Start 10:00am

Events: S/B@8’ S/B@10’ D/B@8’ 3sets

S/W@5’ S/W@8’ S/B/W S/W@ 15’

This will be a warm up for Watkins, Co

All entry fees will be returned after expenses

Prize structure: Standard percentage, plus 10 awards for men and 5 awards for women. Awards will be certificates.

Directions to Mike’s house: At the one and only red light in Newkirk, Ok. Turn east and go 7 miles to Hilltop Rd. turn right go 1 mile to Mike’s house 5250 N Hilltop Rd.

After the shoot is over hot dogs and baked beans will be served. Please bring a covered dish, and what you want to drink.

For more info contact Mike Landis at 580-362-2450













                                                                                                                                                                          Pg 17


World Championship Warm Up


Place: Herbert Gootee’s ranch @ 9099 268th drive Arkansas City, Ks

WFDA and KFDA VC sanctioned

Hosted by: Herbert Gootee and The Missouri Raiders Fast Draw Club

Date: May 31st 2014

Time: sign up 9:00am to 9:55am contest start @ 10:00am

Style: Traditional

Events: S/B@8’ S/B@10’ S/B/B D/B@8’ 3 sets

S/W@8’ S/W@10’ S/W@12’ D/W@8’ 3 sets

Entry fees: $30.00 +$5.00 WFDA Shooter fee

All money after expenses returned as prize money

Men                                                  Women

1. 30% + award                      1. 50% + award

2. 25% + award                      2. 30% + award

3. 20% + award                      3. 20% + award

4. 15% + award

5. 10% + award

6. Award

7. Award

8. Award


Directions to Marks place: From route 177 (Summit Ave) and Kansas Ave go east on Kansas over the Walnut river bridge to the first road on your left, that will be 81st Rd turn left you will go around a big curve the road goes straight but 81st turns left follow it down the hill and up the hill to the top, on the left is a street sign 268th drive turn right and go all the way back to Herbert’s place.

After the contest we will have a cook out, hamburgers will be provided. Please bring a cover dish and what you want to drink.

For more info please call Herbert at 620-660-2107







                                                                                                                                                                       Pg  18








This month’s TECH TIP ..........I see this at every match when people come off the line they go to their area and take the cylinder out of the gun to clean it You REALLY don’t need to do this at a match or contest because small particles of debris fall into the holes of the gun that are now, not blocked by a pin or an oil barrier. The oil around the cylinder pin is a great blocking barrier for sludge to not get by because it is so small that tiny pieces of wax or powder that wasn’t fully burnt can’t get past. ! I have shot "literally" thousands of rounds through my gun before taking it apart ....if you remember to just brush it ....and a small spritz of WD-40 inside the barrel after every 6 - 12 shots!  All that really needs to be done is to run a nice fresh bore brush through the gun a few times holding the gun barrel pointed at the floor - why?  Because all those particles now fall OUT OF the gun instead of falling INTO THE GUN, this only needs to be done a few strokes when you come off the line so stuff doesn’t have a chance to build up inside the barrel. Save your time and energy at a match by watching the competition and keeping your head in the game, and take the gun apart at home where you have a lot more time and attention to detail.    TRICKSHOT





2.    If you have a holster that says “UNSTOPABLE” on the belt,

DON’T blow it apart by shooting before the gun clears leather.














                                                                                                 Pg 19





A few of our ladies in Fast Draw


L to R -  Anita Miller, Judy Lawton, Diana Rosen,

Nicole Franks, Peggy Franks, Shawn Schiff





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