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2008 Mother Lode World Championship

Bob Mernickle Challenge



Billy The Kid Class

1.     Colby Qualls



1.  Anita Burnham

2.      Nicole Franks

3.      Carla Howell

4.     Vivian Wahlen

5.     Judy Lawton

6.     Peggy Franks

7.     Stormie Mernickle

8.     Denise Paley



1.      Greg Danielson

2.      Bob Mernickle

3.      Don Mowery

4.      Denny Robinson

5.      Wendell Wahlen

6.       Dan Qualls

7.       Frank Lawton

8.      Bob Franks

9.       Will York

10.  Peter Garibaldi

11.  Bob Meyers

12.  Larry Schipper

13.   Bill Duff

14.  Jeff Qualls

15.  Mike Proctor

16.Chuck Burnham

17. Jon Wilson

18.Tom Blasgen

19. Armand Perry

20. Ralph Howell

21. Rich Isely

22. Bob Grilli

Getting Ready

Bill Duff, Mike Proctor
Frank Lawton, Wendell Wahlen

Colby Qualls, Billy The Kid Winner

Anita Burnham, Stormie Mernickle, Rich Isley

Tom Blasgen, Jeff Qualls

Peggy Franks, Frank Lawton, Bill Duff
Bob Meyers, Judy Lawton

Denny Robinson, Dan Qualls, Bob Mernickle

All Winners

Denise Paley,Tony Owens, Peter, Ruth Ann , Colby,
Chuck, Dan, Anita, Don, Bill Duff, Ralph Howell


 "Mother Lode 2008 World Index Championship"

"Bob Mernickle Challenge"

 April 19th & 20th, 2008




Hosted by:   Dan & Colby Qualls             (209) 847-0483

                        Don Mowery       (510) 886-6085


The contest is to be an "Open Traditional" Index contest with the events as follows:

   Sat,- Wax on Standard Silhouette:  Standing @ 8',    Step up wax,   Standing @ 12' and

Standing @ 10'.   Sun,- 4'’ balloons @ 10' & 4'’ balloons @ 8'.

The contest will be held on a gun range so there will not be backstops behind the targets.


Contest will be held just outside Jamestown Calif. at the Mother Lode Gun Club. It is in the beautiful foot hills of the Mother Lode Gold Country in Central Calif. There are many attractions very close, including Yosemite National Park, which is about one hour away, steam train rides, gold panning, gambling casinos, and other things of interest.  The town of Sonora, famous from the old west days is about four miles away with many shops and so on. 


The Gold Lodge, MATCH MOTEL- 800-363- 2154  Be sure and tell them you are with the Fast Draw group.  You should make your reservation at least by April 8th.

Rm with one Queen size $70

Rm with one King size or two Queen size $80



Entry Fee:  Men: $100 + $10 WFDA Fee,    Women   $90  + $10 WFDA Fee,

Juniors 15 & under  $25 includes WFDA Fee


Men's:                                                      Women's:                                      Junior's:  15 & under

 1st  $750 + Mernickle holster,          1st $500 + Mernickle holster               1st- Buckle & award

 2nd $500 + award,                           2nd $350 + award                                2nd thru 5th - award

 3rd $400 + award,                            3rd $300 + award

 4th $325 + award,                            4th 200 + award

 5th $300 + award,                            5th $160 + award

 6th $250 + award,                            6th $120 + award

 7th $200 + award,                            7th $95 + award

 8th $150 + award,

 9th $100 + award,

10th $100 + award,

11th $100 + award,

 12th $100 + award.




All competitors who sign up to shoot will have their name put into a drawing for a Mernickle

holster (the third holster provided by Mernickle)




Lunches, & Sat. night dinner & to be provided by the Juniors of the Mother Lode Gun Club, inside the Club meeting & dining room.  Drawing for the third Mernickle holster and hopefully a few other items  will be held at the Sat night dinner.   (IF ANYONE WANTS TO CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING FOR THE DRAWING IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED).


Both lunches Sat and Sun would be $7.00 each and include:
        BBQ Hamburger/Cheeseburgers, Single or Double
        Chips, Homemade Potatoe Salad, Beverage and Homemade Cookies
Saturday night Dinner would be $15.00 each and include:
        BBQ Beef Ribs & BBQ Chicken,  Homebaked Beans
        Green Salad with homemade dressings, Pasta Salad & One other Salad
        Garlic French Bread, Beverage, Homemade Desserts (Cobblers & Cakes)
The meal is "home cooking" barbecued fresh ON SITE with homemade beans, salads and desserts.



There is RV & camping available on the club grounds (no hook ups).




Woods Creek RV Park    About two miles from contest site.  $29 per night

 (209) 984-3728


Mother Lode Fairgrounds RV Park  about four miles from contest site  $30 per night.

(209) 532-7428   FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  Should be plenty of spaces.


Both are very close to stores & service stations


Any updates will be posted here so you may want to book mark this page.



If you need further information feel free to call Dan (209) 847-0483, or email quallsd@earthlink.net.









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