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Below is the Results of The Mother Lode Fast Draw World Championship
Billy the Kid Class

1st Colby Qualls

1st Nicole Franks Broke 4 World Records
2nd Judy Lawton
3rd Stormie Mernickle
4th Vivian Wahlen
5th Carla Howell
6th Peggy Franks
7th Tena Tayler

1 Eilrich, Cal

2 Wahlen, Wendell

3 Yurasek, James

4 Schipper, Larry

5 Vonfeldt, Todd

6 Blasgen, Tom

7 Franks, Bob

8 Wilson, Jon

9 Robinson, Denny

10 Mernickle, Bob     Broke 2 World Records

11 Lawton, Frank

12 Mowery, Don

13 York, Will

14 Proctor, Mike

15 Qualls, Dan

16 Garibaldi, Peter

17 Manis, Mick

18 Perry, Armond

19 Narasaki, George

20 Yurasek, Michael

21 Qualls, Jeff

22 Weitzel, Dale

23 Yurasek, Nick


24 Vonfeldt, Jimmy

25 Grilli, Bob

26 Qualls, Colby

27 Hullen, Mark



World Fast Draw Association



 "Mother Lode 2007 World Index Championship"


Bob Mernickle Challenge  


                        July 14th & 15th , 2007


Hosted by:  Dan Qualls  (209) 847-0483  quallsd@earthlink.net

               Don Mowery    (510) 886-085 curlydon@sbcglobal.net


Sponsors: Mother Lode Gun Club, Mernickle Holsters, Sierra Motors, Just Rewards


The contest is to be an "Open Traditional" Index contest with the events as follows:

   Sat,- Wax on Standard Silhouette (no head):  standing @ 8' : Step up wax - 15' , 12' , 10' , 8' , 5' :  standing @ 12' and  standing @ 10'.

   Sun,- 4'’ balloons @ 10'  &  4'’ balloons @ 8'. 

The contest will be held on a gun range so there will not be backstops behind the targets.


  Contest will be held just outside Jamestown Calif. at the Mother Lode Gun Club. It is in the beautiful foot hills of the Mother Lode Gold Country in Central Calif. There are many attractions very close, including Yosemite National Park, which is about one hour away, steam train rides, gold panning, gambling casinos, and other things of interest.  The town of Sonora, famous from the old west days is about four miles away with many shops and so on.

This will be the first Chairman Contest in Calif. for a very long time, so mark you calendar  to be sure you don't miss it.   This will be the first big match Don & I have put on and we will do our best to make it a memorable one.


There is RV & camping available on the club grounds for $10 per night (no hook ups).

We will definitely not be cramped on space at the club grounds.


Motels within approx 3 miles of the contest site:


Recommended -  The Gold Lodge, 800-363-2154  $69 single, $79 double, plus tax includes the group discount.  Have to inform them that you are with the "Fast Draw Contest" in order to get the group discount.


   Miner’s Motel, 800-451-4176 $75 single, $85 double (small pets allowed).


 Lunches and Sat. night dinner to be provided by the Juniors of the Mother Lode Gun Club.  Two lunches, $7 ea, & Sat dinner $15.  Total for two lunches & dinner will be $29.

Dinner will be Bar-B-Cue Chicken, beans, corn on the cob, salads, deserts, and wine available (wine extra).  Dinner will be at the Club grounds.


There is a link to a map for the Gun Club in the left column


There are three airports approx two -three hours from the contest site.  They are Fresno, Oakland, & Sacramento.

Fresno is smaller, easier to navigate, and less traffic to deal with.  

 Stockton & Modesto have closer but smaller airports, not sure if flights would be available from your locations.            







This contest has been upgraded to a

 "World Championship".


"2007 World Index Championship"

A little information for anyone that may be worrying about the heat in July at the Ca Chairman, it should not be a problem at all.
We have a clubhouse that is cooled by a water cooler. It should hold all the shooters that are not on the line. The top half of the wall is all windows through which you can view the contest from inside if you wish. In the background is the wooded & brushy hillside.
We will also have shades outside for those who want to stay outside.
We have clubhouse restrooms, one of which is handicapped approved.  
It would be very much appreciated if you could let me know if you are planning on attending so we know how much food to have on hand.

Hope to see you here soon. 




Bob Mernickle is planning on attending and has graciously agreed to contribute three of his best holsters.  One for: 1st Men, 1st Women's, and one for a drawing in which everyone who signs up to shoot is eligible .


We are trying to get an idea of how many competitors to expect.  If you are planning on attending, please send a quick reply to  quallsd@earthlink.net


Also pre-registration would be greatly appreciated.

Entry Fee: Men:      $100 + $5 WFDA Fee

                  Women:  $90  + $5 WFDA Fee

Send to Dan Qualls, 6000 Wilkins Ave, Oakdale Calif. 95361 


Prize Structure:

Men's: 1st  $750 + Mernickle holster, 2nd $500 + award, 3rd $400 + award, 4th $325 + award, 5th $300 + award, 6th $250 + award, 7th $200 + award, 8th $150 + award, 9th $100 + award, 10th $100 award, 11th $100+ award, 12th $100 + award.
Women's: 1st $500 + Mernickle holster, 2nd $350 + award, 3rd $300 + award, 4th 200 + award, 5th $160 + award, 6th $120 + award, 7th $95+ award.
All competitors who sign up to shoot will have their name put into a drawing for a Mernickle
holster (the third holster provided by Mernickle)
From Mernickle Custom Holsters

Hi Frank
This letter is a challenge to all the shooters in World fast draw.
When I saw that Dan Qualls had put the First Chairman sanctioned contest in California in years I was impressed. Furthermore he is using the brand new format called "Open Traditional"

Open traditional for those that don't know is basically using open class rules but with a WFDA approved Traditional holster. There is no box or holster angle. Also you can upfan, thunb, fan or twist draw. Yes twist draw.

You just have to do all of the above out of a traditional holster.
I put this event on in Canada about 5 or 6 years ago at a horse ranch /riding stable. We had about 25 or so shooters. There was not one protest or bad comment.

The shoot went off without a hitch and everyone had a blast. It was at that point that I felt that this type of contest would bring a boost to the shooting sport of fast draw. Believe it or not this is really not something new but rather the way it was done in the 50's 60's and 70's. There were no Twisting (bucket boot) holsters in the 60’s. This event will put the sport "back to the future"

It will also, all but eliminate the open class and shooters will not need to buy an open class holster (twisting rig) to compete.

I phoned Dan Quall and put a challenge to him.
I thought that this, being a new event (open Traditional) that it would even be more exiting if it were a world championship. He agreed with my statement.

So I said to Dan here is the challenge; if you can come up with the extra dollars to make this a world championship I will donate 3 of the coolest holsters made for the sport. Dan was up for the challenge and did it. We now have a World Championship in the new Event of Open Traditional.
As promised we will build the First place in both men’s and woman’s divisions a one of a kind holster worthy a world champion. These holsters will be valued at 1000.00 each. Also we will give away a 500.00 value holster which will be drawn for amongst all the competitors that enter the contest.

Dan has honored me with the contest name “the Bob Mernickle Challenge” I think it should be the WFDA shooters challenge. .

I opened this letter with a challenge and will close it with the same challenge. Dan has worked his butt of to make this event happen I California. Let’s make it the biggest shoot in the history of World fast Draw.

Only you can make it so!

Bob Mernickle
Mernickle holsters
I can't take all the credit. Don Mowery is my partner in this venture.
When I asked Don if he would help me put on a Chairman Contest there was no hesitation on his part. Don jumped in with both feet. We will both continue working on the contest until the shoot is finished in July.
Hope to see most of you there.

Dan Qualls